Tommy Wiseau Gets Blood Dripped on Him at 3am on Comedy Central

And obviously, that’s not the strangest thing about Tommy Wiseau. Since you’re reading Film School Rejects, we can assume a few things. Primarily, you’re really attractive and have lots of friends, and less important, you’re well versed in movie news, no matter how weird it is. In that case, this means you probably already know of Tommy Wiseau, someone who has managed to be called a master of all crafts (acting, directing, and writing) based solely on the drama dark comedy satire movie, The Room.

If you haven’t heard of it, take a moment to YouTube it. I’ll wait. You’re back? Excellent. You’ve now had a taste of Tommy Wiseau and hopefully you’re hungry for more. Combine that hunger with a little bit of insomnia and you can watch Wiseau get blood dripped all over him as he runs acting train all over you face tonight on Comedy Central at 3am. If you can’t stay up that late, well….

You’re in luck. While, for now, your only opportunity to catch this on the middle screen (big screen being theaters, small screen in this case being your computer) is on October 14th at 3am. If you just want to pass up on that opportunity, a few hours later, during the day of October 14th, you can watch the film streaming on without having to drink six cups of coffee. Or turn of the porno you’re normally watching at that hour.

The 12-minute long film stars Tommy Wiseau as the titular Alex, a man who moves into #3 Blood Street and finds that the house has a few peculiarities about it. When you tune in, you’ll also see Joey Greco (Cheaters) in a role, which is awesome, because damn I love that show. Remember when he got stabbed? Shit! Sorry, off track.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of seeing The House that Drips Blood on Alex early and, if you’re familar with Wiseau, I think you’ll definitely enjoy the project. Even if you aren’t, if you go into open and remember that this is Atom and Comedy Central, not Lionsgate or some big horror production, you’ll find lots to laugh at it and want to share it with your friends.

When the time comes on October 14th, head over to The House That Drips Blood to look at the future of cinema.

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