From Nazi Zombies to a New Vision for ‘Hansel and Gretel’


I have to admit that I know nothing of Tommy Wirkola‘s work beyond the sick amount of buzz that he got for Dead Snow and some of the positive reviews that came from it. I haven’t gotten to see Dead Snow yet, but it involves Nazi Zombies, so I really can’t see how it could be anything short of this generation’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I mean that in theme and tone more than execution, of course.

Totally serious film comparisons aside, it looks like the director is hopping onto the next project that has got a very steam punk vibe going for it – a look at what happened to Hansel and Gretel almost two decades after their false imprisonment and near-devouring at the hands of a witch. Whether or not the film will take a look at the plight of the confection-based housing market is unclear at this point.

But it was enough to sell Adam McKay and Will Ferrell from Gary Sanchez Productions on the tale.

The money quote from McKay in the Hollywood Reporter story:

The idea is, they’ve grown up and they hunt witches,” McKay said. “It’s a hybrid sort of old-timey feeling, yet there’s pump-action shotguns. Modern technology but in an old style. We heard it and we were just like, ‘That’s a freakin’ franchise! You could make three of those!’ “

The thought that instantly jumps into my mind is that it sounds a bit like The Brothers Grimm, although Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters promises to have more of an earnest comedic feel to it ala Shaun of the Dead. This, according to the article. According to me, I have no idea how Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will be able to match the sensibilities of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

But this still sounds like a really cool twist on an old favorite.

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