Tommy Lee Jones, A Serious Actor for Captain America?

After Marvel populated Thor with serious actors and real talent, they moved on to give Captain America a few fresh and mostly untested faces. That could be changing if these new rumors are true. UGO is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones is in negotiations to star alongside Chris Evans in The First Avenger: Captain America. Director Joe Johnston and the head-nerds at Marvel are in the midst of finalizing a cast before the film begins shooting in the UK this summer, so the timing is right.

The only questions that we have for UGO’s source, which remains unnamed, is who Jones might play? Kofi Outlaw at Screen Rant suggested that he would be a great fit for the leader of the Howling Commandos, a military squad that has already been confirmed to be in the film. Their leader was the original Nick Fury, a war torn tough guy with no mercy. Seeing as Fury is already a character (played by Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man 2) in this universe, they would have to create such a character. That’s one theory, for sure.

The hitch in this little rumor is that Jones is currently gearing up to shoot Men in Black 3 this summer. That leads us to believe that if he does join Captain America, it will likely be a small role. Perhaps some sort of military command figure who interacts with Steve Rogers. All options are on the table. What we do know is that adding an actor of Jones’ caliber would certainly further the legitimacy of this cast. No offense to Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan or Hayley Atwell, but this film is a little short on well-tested talent. Hugo Weaving aside, of course.

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