Tom McCarthy and Cast Are a ‘Win, Win’ for Searchlight

You know Tom McCarthy. It’s likely that you’ve seen him in something recently. Perhaps his work on The Wire, or his roles in movies such as The Lovely Bones, 2012 or Duplicity (those are his most recent). You’ve also seen his work. He co-wrote Pixars Oscar-nominated Up and wrote and directed The Visitor, the 2007 film that earned Richard Jenkins an Oscar nom. So you know Tom McCarthy, and you probably really like his work. That’s if you have any sense about you.

With all of this in mind, you should be excited (as we are) about the news coming from Vulture today. According to their sources, McCarthy is currently setting up his next project over at Fox Searchlight. The new film will be called Win, Win, and it will tell the story of “a suburban New Jersey family and the teen runaway who changes their lives and turns around the sagging fortunes of a high school wrestling team.”

Even more exciting is the cast that’s already in place. Paul Giamattia and Amy Ryan will star. You can’t beat pedigree like that. Win, Win is set to begin shooting in April. We will of course be keeping an eye on the project.

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