Thomas Jane Stands Tall in the Mutant Chronicles Poster

The Mutant Chronicles

As you probably (hopefully) have seen on our other story, Tom Jane himself gave us a word about the validity of a Jonah Hex concept image early and, in piling on his general awesomeness, also revealed the new poster for his upcoming flick Mutant Chronicles. That was a run-on sentence, but I wanted to get all of that in there.

This image comes to us from the RAW Studios message boards where you’ll actually find comments from guys like Tom Jane (actor), David Allcock (designed the poster), and Tim Bradstreet (comic artist). The actual image was put up by Jane himself – hence, that’s awesome. Not only do you get a sweet look at this poster, but you’re getting it straight from the star. I’ve been in Hollywood awhile now and let me tell you – Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t given me a damn thing. You may remember Tim Bradstreet from our interview with him awhile back or you may just love the outstanding work he’s done drawing covers for Marvel on “The Punisher” series, which are badass. Allcock is an illustrator who is doing some great work with Mutant Chronicles, and he really nailed down a classic movie poster design here:

We get our main man Jane looking badass with a gun that means business and another fan favorite Ron Perlman looking, well, like Ron Perlman (And I mean that as a compliment). John Malkovich and the always dangerous Devon Aoki also sneak in there, promising some hurt coming our way. We also get that little peek at the mutants in the lower left, who are looking to show us that their mutations are well suited to chopping up bodies and generally make things uncomfortable while hugging or shaking hands. Yes, I know you can see the poster just as well as I can, but I just thought maybe you’d want to talk. We haven’t been spending as much time together as we used to. It’s just I don’t want us to grow apart. Has this gotten weird yet?

Mutant Chronicles is scheduled to come out later this year and follows a group of humans kicking the hell out of some mutated bad boys to save the whole damn world. If that doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, well hell, I don’t even know what to say to you.

Poster Courtesy of the RAW Studios Message Board. For more, check out David Allcock’s Portfolio

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