Branagh’s Thor Might Be British Television Actor


So how weird is it going to be when Thor – a movie about a marginally known superhero based on Nordic mythology – turns out to be a much better film than X-Men Origins: Wolverine – a movie about one of the most popular, bad ass comic book figures of all time? Obviously, it’s not a certainty, but the window has been opened for it to be a strong possibility. However, the personnel news surrounding the film is still fairly confusing.

First, there was the choice of Kenneth Branagh as director. The man is almost as talented behind the camera as he is in front of it, but most of his work has consisted of Shakespearean adaptations and opera put to film. But it might be an inspired choice, bringing some gravity to a comic book film that could be more epic in nature in the right hands. Still, it’s one of those choices that’s either ingenious or insipid.

Now, via the chat that Branagh had with IGN, it looks like Branagh’s co-star on the television film series “Wallander” – a series about a cynical loner trying to solve several strange murders – might have a shot at becoming Thor.

Tom Hiddleston has almost exclusively done television, has never been the main focal point of the series, and has done all of this in Britain. To American viewers, he’s a completely unfamiliar face, so it seems like it would be another gamble on the part of Marvel (and, now, Branagh) to cast an untested unknown in the leading role for one of its Avengers films. Then again, it might be a stroke of genius.

Plus, the casting rumors on this movie have been fairly widespread if only because the production isn’t exactly close to announcing their pick. Everyone from Star Trek‘s Chris Hemsworth (he plays James Kirk’s father in an opening sequence) to Alexander Skarsgard from “True Blood” have been up for the part (although he appears to be out of the running at this point). Basically, it’s too soon to tell, but Hiddleston definitely has a shot.

Hopefully, they’ll choose someone to play the Norse god before they start shooting the movie in January of next year.

What do you think? If Thor ended up having a no-name as the lead and was better than Wolverine, wouldn’t that be even trippier? Side question: If Thor is really good, could it be Branagh’s redemption for Frankenstein?

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