Tom Ford’s ‘A Single Man’ Gets A Beautiful Trailer

Tom Ford is a stylish man who’s been around a lot more naked women than I have. I’d cry foul, but he’s also been around a lot more naked men so instead I’ll just call it even. He’s been near the top of the fashion world for years, but now he looks to be expanding his resume by directing and co-writing a film. A Single Man has already received quite a bit of acclaim from showings at various festivals and has finally had it’s first trailer released. The film stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode (Watchmen, The Lookout), Ginnifer Goodwin (“Big Love”, “Ed”), and Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, “Skins”). Check it out below.

The trailer doesn’t give away much (or anything really) about the plot, but it looks absolutely stunning doesn’t it? It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Ford’s other career involves his keen eye for fashion and beauty, but he and cinematographer Eduard Grau have at the very least crafted a beautifully-shot film. As far as what the movie’s about… It’s based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood and stars Firth as a British professor living in California who’s trying to move on after the loss of his lover. The film follows him through one day of his life as he deals with his emotions, acquaintances, and past decisions that brought him to this point.

As the trailer points out, Firth is already getting some Oscar buzz for his performance, and I’m happy to hear that. Firth is a talented actor who always lifts the films he’s in a little just by being there. Granted, that’s not enough to save a movie from being utter crap (Mamma Mia!, The Accidental Husband), but at least he’s good in them. I’ve never understood the appeal of Moore, and while I chalk it up to my dislike (and distrust) of gingers I also have never been impressed by her acting. The main cast rounds out with Goode, Goodwin, and Hoult, who have all been fantastic in past roles. A Single Man will have a limited run this December to qualify for the Academy Awards before receiving a slightly larger release early next year. Although it is a Weinstein Company film so who really knows what will happen with it.

And I can’t be the only one who notices the similarities between Ford’s A Single Man and the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man right? The titles are close enough that I expect confusion for some Oscar voters this year. Both films are also period pieces set in 1960’s America and feature a male lead with glasses. And then there’s the initial trailers for each. A repetitive sound that runs through most if not all of the trailer? Check. A selection of scenes that look good but manage to tell you pretty much nothing about the plot? Check. A room full of Jews? Che – okay, so the trailers only have two things in common.

And no, none of the guys in the photo at the top have anything to do with A Single Man. Google “Tom Ford Vanity Fair cover” and all will be made clear.

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