Tom Felton in Negotiations to Join ‘Thérèse Raquin’: Ten Points for Slytherin!

Thérèse Raquin, the period drama that Elizabeth Olsen and Glenn Close are teaming up for, has got some new casting news. In case you don’t remember, Thérèse Raquin is an adaptation of an Émile Zola story penned and set to be directed by Charlie Stratton. It tells the story of a Parisian girl in 1867 who is forced into a loveless marriage with her sniveling, weakling cousin at the behest of her domineering aunt. Eventually the girl, Thérèse, becomes enamored of one of her husband’s friends, and then murder and infidelity ensue. Olsen, of course, it set to play the young girl, and Close the aunt. But what of the two male characters?

Originally I tried to spread the false rumor that Giovanni Ribisi would be playing the sickly husband, but thankfully nobody pays attention to what I say and the rumor didn’t spread. Now the role actually is in the process of being cast and the good news is that the actor who’s negotiating is probably the only person who has just as much experience at being sniveling and weird as Ribisi. Who better to play a sickly, annoying little turd than Draco Malfoy? That’s right, Daniel Radcliffe’s sneering nemesis from the last decade or so, Tom Felton, is looking likely to join the cast.

Now that the role of the husband has been filled, our eyes naturally turn to the role of the new boyfriend and murder co-conspirator. Who will work well playing a nemesis of Felton? Originally I theorized that we’d be seeing one of the kids getting ready to star in The Hunger Games, but now that Felton is in the husband role I’m going to change my guess to…nah, too easy. Let’s say John Hawkes playing his cult leader character again. [Deadline West Horsley]

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