Todd Phillips Re-Signs With Warner Bros., Has His Pick of Four Future Projects

Todd Phillips Re-Signs With Warner Bros., Has His Pick of Four Future Projects

Director Todd Phillips has made three films for Warner Bros. so far: The Hangover, Due Date, and The Hangover Part II. Say what you will about their varying degrees of quality, but there’s no denying the fact that they were all huge financial successes for both Phillips and the studio, so Warner Bros. is obviously very committed to being in the Todd Phillips business. To that end they’ve signed him to a new first look deal that will keep him making movies for the studio until at least the end of 2013, and will give him first crack at quite a few potential projects.

Deadline Dix Hills has a rundown of four different scripts that are all being put together as potential Phillips vehicles.

The first is an adaptation of a novel called “Mule,” which was written by Tony D’Souza. It tells the story of a privileged young couple who find themselves tasked with making money for the first time in their lives due to an economic downturn, so they make the logical choice and turn to drug trafficking.

The second film is inspired by a “Rolling Stone” article titled “Arms and the Dudes” that was written by Guy Lawson. It tells the story of how two stoners from Miami Beach became big time arms dealers who eventually caught the attention of the Pentagon.

The third, and perhaps the most likely to get made due to it being written by Due Date’s Adam Sztyiel, is a script called The Island. No details are known about its story, but if it follows the pattern of the first two films on this list, it’s probably about a couple of Long Island housewives who get involved in human trafficking.

Fourthly, Phillips will be looking at Million Dollar Strong, a comedy with Internet roots that is based off of Mike O’Connell’s Funny or Die shorts that he’s been doing with Ken Jeong. O’Connell will be teaming up with Peter Kline to write the script.

Given the choice, which of these projects would you like to see Phillips take under his wing and nurture? I’ll leave the choice up to you guys, because I’m too busy huddling in the corner and weeping over the Old School sequel that never was to decide.

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