Todd Farmer Talks to FSR: Part Deux

Todd Farmer and My Bloody Valentine

When we last left Todd Farmer, the screenwriter for My Bloody Valentine 3D, he was discussing the legacy of horror icons and the dangerous world of remaking the greats. And remaking the low-budget Canadian greats.

In this installment, intrepid reporter Adam Sweeney gets Farmer to open up about Clock Tower, Devil’s Commandos, and why Spider-man is superior to Batman.

We now rejoin our program, already in progress….

AS: How are things going with The Clock Tower right now?

Todd Farmer: I was the first write on Clock Tower. I loved the game. It’s one of the few games that scared me to death. When I was involved there were parties that thought it was best for Scissorman to not be part of the movie. I found that to be a little problematic. Since I was replaced I heard there have been for our five other writers. So I really don’t know what’s going on with it. I think I heard Scissorman is now part of it, which I am glad for because it will make for a better movie. But as far as my involvement, I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t heard from them in well over a year.

AS: As long as Uwe Boll isn’t attached to it I bet it will be okay. How are things on the comic book front? By the way, I think Alien Pig Farm 3000 might be the greatest comic title ever.

TF: You know what? You, me and about three other people think that. (laughter)

I wish I could take credit for it but it’s Steve Niles’ title, although if you ask Steve Niles or Thomas Jane they will both claim it. But I am pretty sure it’s Steve’s title. I might be wrong about that, but I agree with you. It’s a great title. I would like to see it made as a movie someday.

AS: It’s a story that on the surface, abrasive isn’t the right word, but it’s shocking. And yet, if you think about it we’ve seen aliens come to New York or Los Angeles all the time. But if aliens were intellgent then why would you go to areas that have advance technology? It doesn’t make much sense.

Farmer Shows off the GoodsTF: I certainly agree with you and I’ve never written a comic before. So thanks to Steve Niles for sitting me down and showing me how to do it. But if you look at the comic, it’s structured like a screenplay. The four issues are structured like a four act screenplay. As far as other things I wrote a sixth issue of a comic called “The Lycan” for Tom [Jane] and Tim Bradstreet. I think we’re still looking for an artist. We also are looking to release “Bad Planetand “Alien Pig Farm” in graphic novel form.

AS: Very cool. There’s been a lot of talk about the Watchmen film. Do you wish Thomas Jane had taken a role in it?

TF: If Tom wanted to, absolutely. My wife and I don’t live in L.A., we live about six hours north. So last night I slept at Tom’s house and I know he has a lot of cool stuff going on. My loyalty is to whatever he wants to do. Whatever he wants to do, I support it one hundred percent.

AS: What impresses me about Tom is that not only is he a writer and director, but he’s also a versatile actor. He can do theatre or film and it seems like there isn’t really a role that Tom can’t handle.

TF: He’s a lot smarter than you expect from an actor.

AS: (Laughs) You can tell there is more to him. I think because of certain action stars, you would see some actors do Deep Blue Sea or The Punisher and write them off as less than cerebral talents. But Tom gets past that and is a talented actor.

TF: Well, he and I have Devil’s Commandos which I finished just a couple of days ago. It’s one of the reasons I went by the house, so we could talk through the script. It’s funny because I’m pretty good at structure, plotting a movie and the characters. But Tom is a smart cookie and he picks up on stuff I miss. That’s why working with him has always been a great combination. He’s very opinionated, which is good because he’s not a pushover. At the same time he gets it and a lot of guys don’t. Actors, writers, a lot of them just don’t get it. So it’s nice to have a guy that does. If I miss something he will pick up on it.

AS: You’ve said you’re more of a Spiderman fan than Batman. Why is that?

TF: More than anything else it’s because I grew up with more Spiderman comics than Batman around the house. Batman always felt more real to me. I needed the fantasy escape and Spiderman had that. For me it was the kid by day, superhero by night. I could relate to that. I couldn’t relate to the billionaire. I lived in Kentucky. I can’t relate to a guy who has caves under his house. I could relate to Peter Parker.

AS: Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I am a bigger Spiderman fan than Batman. I love Batman but I found myself gravitating to the Pater Parker story. There’s just something more accessible to me in terms of character.

TF: Well, now that I am a big successful billionaire, now I relate to Batman.

AS: (Laughs) Right, now you understand Bruce Wayne’s plight.

TF: Yeah, I’m kind of like Bruce Wayne Jr. I didn’t get it as a kid.

AS: That will be my tagline. Welcome to the life of Bruce Wayne Jr, aka Todd Farmer. Last question. What is the next project you’re working on?

TF: Well, I am writing a script with Patrick [Lussier, director of My Bloody Valentine] and we are in negotiations. So I can’t really talk about it right now. But there are a couple of projects Patrick and I are planning to do together. We’re both pretty excited about that. There’s Devil’s Commandos with Tom. I am really excited about it because I think it is just a fantastic story. The situation with My Bloody Valentine has created some hype, which quite frankly doesn’t happen often in this industry. So when it does you have to pounce. So we’re in a process of determining what’s next. Unfortunately I can’t talk about it right now because I don’t want to make anyone angry and not get paid.

At the end of the day I’m not doing this for the art, brother, I’m doing it for the money! (Laughs)

AS: (Laughs) You’re like, ‘welcome to the film industry, sucka!’ Well, whenever things do develop is there a way to keep in touch and follow your projects?

TF: Absolutely. Just hit me up on Facebook. I do have Myspace but it doesn’t have my love.

AS: Yeah, I debated the merits of Facebook over Myspace with a friend today.

TF: I just don’t have time to deal with the spam. I don’t get that on Facebook.

AS: Yeah, not to be a plugger but it’s sort of a Mac versus PC thing. One is more kink-free and stripped down. Well, we wish you the best of success with My Bloody Valentine.

TF: Well, thank you. I’d be interested to hear if you liked it or not.

AS: For sure. I will let you know as soon as I see it. Thanks again for the interview.

TF: No problem.

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