Titanic 2 Scheduled for 100th Anniversary of Ship’s Sinking

By  · Published on July 6th, 2010

One hundred years is quite the milestone to celebrate. Just ask Gloria Stuart who celebrated her 100th birthday on the 234th birthday of the United States. Still, it seems like it might be a strange sort of milestone to toast to when the historical event involves thousands of people drowning to death in freezing cold waters.

However, the talk about Titanic 2: The 3D Reckoning seems to be more and more serious lately, and James Cameron, a man who is notorious for only talking about projects once he’s decided to do them (within the decade) has dropped April 2012 as the month he’d like to drop the sequel to 1997’s most popular film featuring Celine Dion singing.

If it’s done specifically on the day of the ship’s sinking, that would mean a release date of April 14th, 2012.

According to the LA Times, Cameron made the statement while at Gloria Stuart’s party. Hopefully he was wishing her good health as a decent human being while also wishing her good health in the hopes that he can cast her in the sequel.

After all, by then, she’d be celebrating almost 102 years of life. What a milestone that would be.

What do you think?

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