‘Tiny Furniture’ Trailer Moves Back In With Its Parents After Graduation

After seeing Tiny Furniture at SXSW, Neil Miller called it “the single most adorable movie I’ve ever seen that involves characters who I’d otherwise like to see get hit by a bus.”

That summation is entirely accurate despite not mentioning that it feels like a self-conscious Diablo Cody wrote a Woody Allen script and then decided to direct and star in it. It’s visually engaging and upbeat despite its idiosyncratic shortcomings, but unlike the bait and switch marketing, the trailer says it all in crystal clarity.

If you dig it, then you’ll probably enjoy the film. If it hits your ears like a navel-gazer questioning whether they should even, like, bother to scratch their nails on the chalkboard, the film might not be for you. [Apple]

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