Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are Hosting SNL, So Take Off Your Pants and Dance

Tina and Amy on SNL

Saturday Night Live may have had a major misstep this season by allowing to Donald Trump to do whatever it is he did for one evening, but they’ve followed it up with a potentially very strong run. They followed the Trump Dump with an episode hosted by Elizabeth Banks, including a very touching tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in France. It was followed by a very funny episode hosted by one of entertainment’s most charming ladies.

They will take things up a notch in December with an episode hosted by not one, but two of entertainment’s most charming ladies: their old pals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The episode, scheduled for December 19, will also feature Bruce Springsteen as the musical guest.

To illustrate our collective excitement, we would like to present a series of GIFs. First, for anyone who doesn’t think this will be an amazing show:


It’s going to be a party.


And at the end, we’re all going to do this.


And maybe some of this.


It was also announced that Chris Hemsworth will host on December 12 and Ryan Gosling will host on my birthday, December 5. For more on that, we turn it back to Tina and Amy:


Gosling considers.


And he obliges.


Alright, now that this has become weird, we must end. SNL airs on Saturday nights on NBC, duh.

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