Time Keeps on Slippin’: The Metronomic Rhythm of Composer Hans Zimmer

A video in 4/4/ time.
By  · Published on August 29th, 2017

A video in 4/4 time.

If you’re a student of film scoring, then you know the work of Hans Zimmer very, very well. Zimmer has one Oscar win – for The Lion King – and nine other nominations, including two in the same year, 1999, for The Prince of Egypt and The Thin Red Line. And these aren’t even the scores Zimmer is best known for, that would be his work on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and certain films of Christopher Nolan.

But despite the wide variety of genres in which Zimmer has worked, there are, of course, common threads running through his entire oeuvre, the most notable of which is the inclusion of metronomic elements like ticking clocks and other such rhythmic sonic pulsations. In the following video from Titouan Ropert, examples of these sounds from Zimmer’s various scores have been collection and strung into a discordant melody with an underlying harmony of fleeing time.

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