Tim Blake Nelson Might Become The Leader for Hulk Sequel

‘Tis the season to be assaulted with superhero film rumors. On that coldfront, underrated actor Tim Blake Nelson has some early Christmas gifts of info regarding his involvement with the forthcoming Hulk films.

Quint from Aint It Cool (Austin represent!) chatted with the actor you may best know from O Brother Where Art Thou. He gave up the goods on his new film Leaves of Grass, which he directed and co-starred in with Edward Norton, who played jolly green Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk. At the end of the interview he discussed his potential involvement in the next Hulk film and it appears that he may be The Leader of the pack when it comes to kicking Hulk’s ass.

As far as Nelson understands, producer Gale Ann Hurd and company are planning on having him be The Leader, a man who’s given increased brain power through gamma radiation, for the sequel. He’d also be the main villain.

That’s the plan. That’s what they tell me, but I don’t know when that’s happening or what the details are but I am eager to do it and I hear that’s in the works. I would tell you if I knew more, but I honestly don’t…When I met them they said this is where it’s headed so I’m eager to do it, Nelson told AICN.

Very cool. Isn’t it great to see that comic book films are actually being filled with talented actors? I love Tim Blake Nelson’s work and it will be a nice change to see him bite down on a role where he’s the bad guy. Plus, it’s a completely logical, natural progression after having him appear as Dr. Samuel Sterns, so there’s a good chance that this rumor will prove true.

What’s your favorite Tim Blake Nelson film? Are you jazzed about a Hulk sequel?

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