Thundercats, Go?

Joblo is eloquently reporting that Thundercats has finally got a director through the cat flap and into the creative litterbox ready to create a CGI money making… err, turd? And the man inheriting this giant ball of yarn is video-game veteran Jerry O’Flaherty and this will be his cherry-popping first directorial movie attempt.

Thundercats has generated a lot of excitement not just amongst felines and cartoon lovers but amongst the well adjusted, trend setting members of the Reject Nation. Articles aplenty indicate how hopeful we are over its arrival after successes like TMNT, Transformers and to a lesser extent He-Man (And all his minions). Does this mean we can see shows like Go-bots and Centurions making glorious comebacks? Well in the case of Go-bots I sure hope not, though I wouldn’t mind seeing Centurions again.

O’Flaherty, while having not directed before has an impressive CGI and gaming pedigree background. He was involved in the massive hit that was Gears of War (Which I own and cherish more than my family) as Art Director for which he won multiple awards and worked in the same position on Unreal Tournament 3 and the legendary Command and Conquer series at the now defunct Westwood studios. You have to feel that while he doesn’t have a background in directing something of this type he certainly has the credentials to put together a visually stunning piece. Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, would the incredible have been as impressive without the enagaging plot? No it wouldn’t so O’Flaherty is going to have to pull something pretty impressive out of the bag if he wants to make a debut to remember.

While things still appear no further forward than the last time Thundercats was announced before being shelved the time has never been better to bring this out. No story has yet been announced though apparently a workable plot has been put together and it may be ready to cast. 2010 just can’t come quickly enough… snarf snarf.

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