Release Date: January 24, 2006

A teenager’s world is filled with problems such as parents, friends, school, and the pressures that come with each. Some go to parties, some turn to drugs and alcohol, and some suck their thumb.

The Film
This teenager, Justin Cobb, is a teen who feels as if his entire life has been hindered by something intangible. His parents, friends, and teachers all think that he is limiting his own potential. Justin’s Orthodontist, played by Keanu Reeves, recommends hypnotherapy to release him from his addiction. Justin finds himself a changed man. His grades are up, he is more social, and he is the star of his debate team because of his new found independence. His debate coach, played by Vince Vaughn, encourages Justin’s passion for success. Later, Justin comes to grips with some of life’s harsh realities. He finds out that his parents are human and do not have the perfect relationship. He finds out that in high school, that friends are not often real friends. Sometimes, letting go of our burdens can open our eyes to an entire new world.

The Extras
This DVD was not filled with many extras, as most Sony releases usually never are because they always re-release a SPULES (Super Premium Ultimate Limited Extended Special) edition; i.e. The Grudge. The standard movie trailers and not so exciting directors commentary were included.

The Delivery
Visually, the film was transferred well but did not have much eye candy besides a half naked Kelli Garner . The audio was mostly dialogue but the soundtrack was greatly supported by music from both Elliot Smith and The Polyphonic Spree.

The Final Cut
Three words, think Wes Anderson. The movie had somewhat of a slow Indie-film feel, which for some is a turnoff, but not for others. The film was original and enjoyable for me. The cast is impressive and the roles evenly fit. Lou Taylor Pucci is somewhat of a newcomer but this role has pushed his career towards three roles in 2006 releases. This also marks one of the only times I can walk away and say something positive about Keanu Reeves’ acting.

The Upside:
Original and feel good self realization flick
The Downside:
Slow at times, not a movie to watch with friends
On the Side:
Vince Vaughn plays a High School Debate Coach

Making the Grade:
The Story: B
The Delivery: B
The Extras: D
Overall, : C+

Tags: Thumbsucker, Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, Wes Anderson, Sony Pictures

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