Thomas Jane Gets ‘Hung’

Thomas JaneWhen I first heard the news I thought “Sweet! A new Western!” and was really excited.  But apparently the past tense of “hang” is “hanged,” so I decided to learn more about this HBO pilot.  After my research was done,  I’m still excited, but in a completely different and perhaps inappropriate way.  You may recall Thomas Jane referring to himself as an “asshole” on video recently, but it seems as though he’s more of a dick.  And a big one.

Jane has been cast as the lead in HBO’s upcoming pilot Hung which focuses on Ray, a former sports star whose descent into middle age has left him as a middle-aged struggling father and basketball coach, albeit one with a sizable All-Star Member.  This comedy will follow his exploits as he figures out how to put his best, err, foot, forward and use his considerable ‘talent’ to bring about a change in his luck.

The pilot comes from married writers Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson, both of whom worked on FX’s The Riches, with Lipkin creating and Burson writing an episode.  This dark comedy promises to be edgy, sexy, and quite possibly lewd, all while giving Tom Jane a chance to really flex his member.  I mean muscle.  I mean comedic penis.  What?  Really stretch his comedic muscle (wait is that still his penis in a comedy about his penis?  Oh crap, Neil can I say penis?).  Tom Jane is actually a really funny guy both in person and in the comedic roles he’s had (Arrested Development and The Sweetest Thing) so I’m standing at full attention for this one.  Paying full attention!

For the ladies, Tom Jane is not ashamed of his body, as evidenced by his starring role in Stander.

Are you aroused excited by Tom Jane’s wang this news?

Source:  Variety