Thomas Haden Church and Terrence Howard to Co-Star in Bum Fight Movie With Classy-Sounding Title…

Thomas Haden Church and Terrence Howard to Co-Star in Bum Fight Movie With Classy-Sounding Title ‘Cardboard Boxer’

A little indie film called Cardboard Boxer has just made a couple huge steps toward earning everyone’s attention once it’s ready for release. Said steps will probably not be as effective as a multi-million dollar ad campaign complete with fast food tie-ins, but they’re developments that should prove to be a lot more exciting to fans of film than decorated fry boxes. According to Variety, charismatic and respected acting titans Thomas Haden Church and Terrence Howard have both agreed to join the film in starring roles, and the respect they bring to the table is likely going to be invaluable when it comes to selling Cardboard Boxer, because it also comes with a concept that sounds a little skeevy.

According to Variety’s rundown of the film, its story follows a homeless man living in Los Angeles who finds that his idyllic, homeless lifestyle gets interrupted and thrown into peril once he falls into the hands of a troublemaking group of rich kids who have been getting their trust fund jollies by paying underprivileged people to fight one another. Gross, right? Still, the grossness could be well done, because the filmmaker bringing it to us is one of the guerrilla video entertainment originals.

Cardboard Boxer has been written and will be directed by first-time feature helmer Knate Gwaltney, who readers of a certain age will likely remember as appearing on and working as a crew member on many episodes of MTV’s Jackass. If anybody has the background necessary to make a movie about irresponsible young kids and salacious behavior being videotaped, it’s got to be one of the people behind Jackass. Boyd Holbrook, Macy Gray, and Rhys Wakefield are all signed up to appear in the film as well.

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