This Video Essay Explores Why Props Matter in Movies

By  · Published on October 29th, 2015

We’re no strangers to the video essay work of Rishi Kaneria. Earlier this year, he gave us a wonderful exploration of how the POV shots in Mad Max are what make it so intense. This week, he has delivered another exploration – this time a narration-guided look at how props, or inanimate objects, can be used to enhance cinematic storytelling.

From props that become part of scenes – like Gene Kelly’s umbrella in Singing’ in the Rain – to props that become characters themselves – like Wilson the volleyball in Cast Away – objects can become just as important as characters, dialogue and narrative itself.

It’s a wonderful exploration and reminder that some of our favorite movie moments were created with the use of unique and interesting objects.

Here now for your viewing pleasure, Rishi Kaneria’s “Why Props Matter”:

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