This ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Trailer Is Our Everything Right Now

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Universal Pictures

As a large, bearded man whose wardrobe consists of many hooded sweatshirts and whose primary occupation includes typing words into the void, I’m not ashamed of many things. I’m certainly not ashamed of my unabashed love for Pitch Perfect, the 2012 musical comedy about the highly competitive world of collegiate acapella. It starred the adorable Anna Kendrick alongside a host of comedic and musical talents such as Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and that guy from Workaholics whose name I always get confused with the guy from Maroon 5 (Adam DeVine). If you’ve seen the first film, you know that it’s about as infectious and fun as any movie we, the collective of moviegoers, have seen in the last half decade.

And now there’s making a sequel. As a teenaged girl might say, SQUEEE!!

The first Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is now online following a debut at a quote-a-long event in Los Angeles last night and it has plenty to offer: More singing, more pizazz and for some inexplicable reason, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews Jr. (and several of his teammates).

The decision to lead with “When I’m Gone,” the song that Anna Kendrick used in her viral hit video about stacking cups, brings a little bit of mistiness to any fan. It’s all coming full circle for Kendrickites – or Annadorers – okay fine, I don’t have a good one for that. Let’s just say that she’s got that special something and we can’t wait to see it once again on display in an aca-awesome way. The trailer offers some story details for the film, which hits theaters May 15, 2014, in which the gang from the first movie must go on to chase the World Championship of acapella. Will they come together and succeed or will the Bellas fail on the world stage in a blaze of projectile vomit?

The likely answer:

“Fart noise.”


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