The World Loses Film Icon John Hughes

By  · Published on August 6th, 2009


Has there been a director that more eloquently created a vision of youth in America so consistently? With a sense of humor, empathy, darkness, playfulness and poignancy? John Hughes helped create some of the most iconic films of the 1980s as well as a slew of comedies that are bound to stand the test of time, making stars of dozens of young actors along the way.

Sadly, Hughes died today after suffering a sudden heart attack during a walk while on vacation in New York City.

I can think of no better tribute to the man than to offer up the love and respect for his work that film fans have come to cherish over the years. My personal favorite of his directorial efforts was The Breakfast Club. Even at over two decades old, I still don’t think I’ve seen a better portrait of middle-class American teenagers on screen. Funny how his filmmaking made me want to get stuck in detention on a Saturday afternoon.

I thought for a bit about ranking his films, but it quickly proved impossible. The man was simply involved in too many fantastic movies.

So tell us which one was your favorite.

What’s your favorite John Hughes movie?

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