The Top 25 Action Flicks of All-Time!

What is movie fans’ favorite action flick of all-time? This is something that could be debated to the death by some action fanboys, but AMC Theaters and Rogue Pictures took to the web with a 19 day long poll to find the answer. The poll was held in support of the release of Hot Fuzz, the British action satire by Director Edgar Wright that is currently invading the U.S. and hanging around in the Box Office top 10, despite a limited release.

So what was the favorite action film of all time, as voted on by the fans? 1988’s Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis as John McClane. Check out the entire Top 25 below:

1. Die Hard
2. The Terminator
3. Lethal Weapon
4. Se7en
5. Dirty Harry
6. The Blues Brothers
7. Training Day
8. Bad Boys II
9. The Untouchables
10. Man on Fire (2004)
11. Beverly Hills Cop
12. Bad Boys
13. L.A. Confidential
14. Heat
15. The French Connection
16. Desperado
17. Witness
18. 48 Hours
19. The Bone Collector
20. Serpico
21. Bullitt
22. Lethal Weapon 2
23. Tango & Cash
24. Hard-Boiled
25. The Last Boy Scout

Needless to say there is a lot about this list with which I do not agree. Placing Bad Boys II above Bad Boys is almost a crime in itself. And as my “Fat Guys at the Movies” co-host Kevin Carr would probably say, there is too much Michael Bay on this list. Speaking of Michael Bay, where is The Rock? I also don’t understand how The Blues Brothers made it onto this list. It is a great film, a classic, but I never really considered it an action flick. But while the list is suspect, it was voted on by fans… So I guess that makes it somewhat legit, right?