‘The To Do List’ Red Band Trailer Gives You a List of Dirty Jobs to Do This Valentine’s Day

The To Do List Red Band Trailer

A movie about Aubrey Plaza giving out hand jobs, under any other name, would be just as sweet. So it’s with great anticipation that we’ve been awaiting Funny or Die vet Maggie Carey’s debut directorial effort The To Do List. The good news is, today that wait got a little bit easier, because not only has CBS Films released a red band trailer for the film, but they’ve also revealed that it will be this Valentine’s Day (February 14) when we finally get to take in this story of a virginal nerd who tries to systematically experience all the sex acts she missed out on in high school before entering college.

So, based on this first teaser, does it look like The To Do List will live up to the lofty expectations that its premise creates? Maybe. Honestly, it looks a little low rent, like we’re looking at a trailer for a series of web short rather than a feature film, and while there are some amusing moments in this 90 seconds of clips, there aren’t really any of the big belly laughs that one would expect from a raunchy comedy.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. It doesn’t cost money to be funny, and the best comedy trailers are able to save the big laughs for when you actually get into the theater, so maybe we’re just looking at a conservative piece of marketing. And one thing the trailer does show off well is just how amazing this cast is. You’ve got Connie Britton and Clark Gregg as the parents, Rachel Bilson as the snooty sister, Donald Glover ineptly trying to perform cunnilingus, Andy Samberg looking like the dirtiest hippie who’s ever lived, and Bill Hader wearing a drug rug…talk about your to do lists. Maybe the title of the film is actually referring to that sexy, sexy cast…am I right? [Press Release]

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