‘The Suspect’ Breaks Bones In This Exclusive First Look at the New Korean Thriller

clip the suspect

South Korea produces a higher consistency of quality action-thrillers than any other country. Fact? Opinion? Either way it’s true to me. The last few years alone have seen a barrage of near-instant classics including The Man From Nowhere, The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, A Company Man, Confession of Murder, Secret Reunion, I Saw the Devil, and more. Their success comes from a combination of attitude and aesthetic with the other common element being some stellar fight/action choreography.

The most recent film hoping to join the ranks of the ones above is The Suspect. Director Won Shin-yeon’s latest comes six years after his solid 2007 thriller, Seven Days, but unlike that one this appears to have a somewhat political bent. The story follows a North Korean defector now living in the South who is forced on the run after he’s accused of a triple murder. All is not as it seems though, and soon some explosive truths come to light.

Check out an exclusive clip below featuring the first of The Suspect’s many fight scenes.

The Suspect opened in South Korea on Christmas day, and it hits U.S. theaters in limited release on January 10, 2014.

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