The Strangers Are Coming Back

by David Baxter


Variety is reporting this morning that a sequel has been confirmed for last years sleeper hit The Strangers, making them more “The don’t really know them that well, but we did meet them once’s.” Laurent Briet is set to direct, making it his feature film debut, having done music videos and visual effects on The Ring. It had a lot of scares, so if he can visually effect them he can probably direct them. Original director Bryan Bertino is still scripting, but has elected not to direct, presumably being tied down with work on his next horror Alone.

Shooting will begin in the fall and we as yet have no casting news, so whether it will include Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman is up in the air. Presumably the only necessary ingredients are the scary masked people, but who knows. You can probably tell that I haven’t seen The Strangers, mostly because the trailers that seemed to run for weeks had be properly scared. A success at what it wants then, and one I may catch up on at some point, as despite having similar chops for scares as an eight-year-old, I like a well made thriller. With the door locked anyway.

I’m left with one question for those that have seen it, how sequel worthy is this? Can you really be scared of strangers twice? At some point they must stop being strangers and become stalkers if the cast stays the same. I’d just be concerned that the concept would be spread to thinly, I don’t want to be here writing about The Strangers 7 after all. We’ll see just how strange they are sometime 2010, until then answer your doors freely.

What do you think? Is The Strangers 2 a good idea?