‘The Rite’ Sees Anthony Hopkins Exorcising Demons

by Robin Ruinsky

The Rite is based on true events. Isn’t every film about exorcism based on true events? Exorcism films are practically their own genre, the grand daddy of them all being The Exorcist, of course.

According to Coming Soon, the New Line/Warner Bros. feature will star Anthony Hopkins, Alice Braga, Ciaran Hinds, Colin O’ Donaghue and Toby Jones.

The film is based on the non fiction book by journalist Matt Baglio who followed a priest through exorcism school. The priest then apprenticed to an experienced exorcist and Baglio continued to explore the rites of exorcism to shed light on the mysterious practices that have been fodder for so many movies.

The “based on true events” seems somewhat loose since the movie appears to be about a crisis of faith cured by encounters with demonic forces. In The Rite, an American seminary student, attending exorcism school, is of course disillusioned. He’ll go to exorcism school, fight off some demons and regain his faith.

Mikael Hafstrom, 1408, is directing the film with a screenplay by Michael Petroni.

Did anyone out there know there was such a thing as exorcism school? I didn’t. I’m wondering if they accept freelancers.

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