‘The Raid 2’ Deleted Scene Offers a Glimpse of the Violent Pleasures to Come

By  · Published on March 26th, 2014

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Not to get all hyperbolic on your behind, but the best action movie in decades opens this week and you should probably go see it. Sure The Raid 2 features a mildly convoluted plot and runs an incredible 150 minutes long, but if you’re even slightly aroused by spectacularly choreographed, excitingly executed, and beautifully-shot action/fight scenes then this is the movie for you. There are 10–15 such scenes (I’ve seen it twice and still lose count as I lose myself in the cinematic spectacle) in the film, each of them worthy of being the “end fight” in most other movies, and I’m already excited to see it again this weekend.

As part of the promotion for the film and to show the level of action that didn’t make the cut, director Gareth Evans has released a four minute gunfight scene that was cut from the film before its release. Check it out below in all its well-crafted and bloody glory, and rest assured that had it remained in the film it would have been the weakest action sequence of the bunch.

Again, because it’s worth repeating, had it remained this would be the least entertaining action sequence in the film. Evans points out that it was cut primarily for pacing reasons, but it’s also an unnecessary bit as it doesn’t involve any of the film’s actual characters. The events here have no bearing on the story, and these guys don’t even have names.

It’s also a bit different from the rest of the film’s sequences as it’s purely gunplay. The other fights include some guns, but there’s always some gorgeously captured fisticuffs to accompany it all. The film even features a spectacular and creatively-staged car chase which still manages to include hand-to-foot-to-hand combat inside one of the moving automobiles. It’s nuts in the best possible way and just one of many sequences that will leave you wide-eyed and holding your breath.

Evans was right to cut the above scene, but it’s great of him to release it so we can see it here. And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy tickets to see the movie a third time this weekend.

The Raid 2 opens this Friday.

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