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The Movie-Making Miracle of ‘The Prince of Egypt’

What we’re watching: a behind the scenes featurette on the making of DreamWorks Animation’s masterpiece: ‘The Prince of Egypt.’
Prince Of Egypt
By  · Published on June 27th, 2020

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The Prince of Egypt is, quite simply, one of the most phenomenal animated movies ever made.

Where to begin? The film’s sense of scale is both narratively resonant and outlandishly gorgeous. Those bold visuals coupled with Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz’s awe-inspiring score result in nothing short of a spectacle. And even amidst all that grandeur, the film triumphs in teasing out the human story at the heart of a legend: focusing its attention squarely on the strained relationship of Moses and Ramses as their respective responsibilities diverge and come into conflict.

The Prince of Egypt has all the unabashed ambition of an Old Hollywood epic. Indeed, this was a film expressly created to showcase the emotional and artistic potential of the then-fledgling DreamWorks Animation studio. As you can tell from this making-of featurette, these filmmakers had something to prove. They had everything to lose, everything to gain, and (most importantly) a vision worth believing in.

You can watch “The Making of ‘The Prince of Egypt’” here:

Who made this?

“The Making of The Prince of Egypt” was a special feature included on the film’s 1999 DVD release.

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