The Pink Panther

The newly released The Pink Panther, had a working title of The Birth of The Pink Panther, because yes folks this is a prequel. This film takes a stab at rekindling the comic style of the late great Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards. If you have ever seen any of the original films from the Pink Panther series, with its frequent pratfalls and unrelenting slapstick, expect the same from this Jacques Clouseau.

The Story
The infamously hopeless inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) is called upon by his country to solve the crime that shook France. The French soccer coach (Jason Statham) is suddenly murdered in the midst of a victory celebration, and the Pink Panther Diamond was stolen from his very hand. Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) employs Clouseau as a facade, hoping that Clouseau will fail, allowing Dreyfus to launch a successful investigation while furthering his celebrity.

The Acting
Second chances in Hollywood are somewhat rare. This film is a second effort from Martin, whose career lingered through the 90’s with family oriented comedies. This film however, shows Martin as some remember him…quick witted and confident in his deliveries. The rest of the cast however is easily forgettable in their roles. Jean Reno, as expected was not funny, and will never have another Leon a.k.a. The Professional. Beyonc© Knowles should stick to singing, which she finds a way to eventually do in every film she begs her way into.

The Behind the Scenes
This movie was not aimed to please the academy, but I do have two words; Henry Mancini. Mancini’s compositions are timeless, and the Pink Panther theme is set against a familiar animated opening credits sequence that pleases the nostalgic.

The Final Cut
I do not know if Martin wrote this screenplay for major commercial success, but I do know that kids love this not so new character. It is not that common to see a character that can survive decades with the help of a skilled actor. While the plot itself is not very strong, Martin’s commitment to the role will possibly carry The Pink Panther into another generation. In short, it is hard not to laugh at some of the cheap humor in this film, and while some adults may not like the film due to its immature comedy or predictable content, kids will accept this Pink Panther.

The Upside:
Steve Martin has shown that at 60 years old, he can still be very funny.
The Downside:
Predictable, shallow, and weak plot. No presence from any of the supporting Actors.
On the Side:
Actors Kevin Spacey, Mike Myers, and Chris Tucker (???) were considered for the role of Inspector Clouseau.

Making the Grade:
The Story: D
The Acting: B- (heavily carried by Martin)
The Behind the Scenes: C
Overall: C-

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