The Mutant Chronicles to Debut at Comic-Con, Plus a Russian Trailer to Kick Your Ass

The Mutant Chronicles

Go ahead and say it — I am the master of wicked long titles on this website. Anyway, we have some great news all around for those of you who are looking forward to Mutant Chronicles, the latest in a not-so-long line of Steampunk-infused, futuristic necro-mutant thrillers. It stars Thomas Jane, Hellboy’s Ron Perlman, John Malkovich and Devon Aoki, as well as a bunch of cool mutant creatures who have their minds made up — humanity needs to die. And while that is the same-old, same-old from the mutant population, this film appears to be a relatively new take on the battle between our distant future relatives and their 23th Century foes.

For those of you who missed it, Thomas Jane released the first domestic teaser trailer himself over on his website, and since then another trailer has emerged. I will say that while this one is in Russian, a language that I do not speak at all, it is definitely a step up from the first teaser. More action, more adventure, more hot women doing badass things with swords — it is really an action-packed tour de force. But enough hype, I have left the trailer below for your own viewing pleasure.

Watch the Mutant Chronicles Russian trailer:

[flv: 500 265]

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it is time to talk about when you might actually see the film in its entirety. How does Comic-Con, which takes place later this month in San Diego, sound? Our good friend Tim Bradstreet announced over on the Raw Studios message board a few days ago that the film is set to make its debut on Saturday, July 26th at 10:00 pm PST at the San Diego Convention Center. There will be 2000 seats available, and as far as I can tell admission will be free to Con attendees.

Not only does this represent a chance to see the film, but it also might give you a shot at meeting some of the filmmaking crew. Director Simon Hunter (Lighthouse), stars Thomas Jane (The Punisher) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and conceptual artist/storyboard artist/guy who made the poster David Allcock are all scheduled to be in attendance. Tim Bradstreet will also be there, even though he admits to having no involvement with the production. I mean, he’s Tim Bradstreet — does he really need a reason to show up?

Anyway, we are sure that this is going to be a pretty kick-ass event, full of fans hobnobbing with celebs, cool movie swag and geeks getting their collective geek on. It would be safe to say that FSR will have a presence at this thing as well, despite our ever-tightening Con schedule — knowing Brian Gibson, he will not be missing this no matter how many hookers I bring back to the hotel.

The Mutant Chronicles is still without an official release date, so it appears that if you really want to see it you will have to head down to San Diego for Comic-Con. Just remember to pack your suntan lotion — close proximity to events such as this one have been known to cause burning — as well as rashes.

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