The Most Discussed Movies of SXSW 2014

By  · Published on March 14th, 2014

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We spent an entire week talking about movies at SXSW 2014. Between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Letterboxd and our published reviews on the very site which you are currently reading, myself and the team of Film School Rejects covered a solid swath of the 130+ feature films that played this past week in Austin, TX. Some of them are still playing (and still to be reviewed, so stay tuned). But those are just the ones that we made it to. Which ones did you, the fans and attendees of SXSW, talk about most?

Wonder no further, as the folks from Way to Blue have invested some time and energy into researching the buzz around the 10 most discussed films of this year’s festival. “We’ve broken down not only how many mentions the movies have secured as a result of their screenings at SXSW,” they explain. “But also what proportion of the conversation has resulted in social chatter expressing a desire or excitement to see the films themselves. We call this Intent To View.”

Among their observations were the following (click any of the movie titles to read our review):

– It’s no mystery that Veronica Mars is getting a lot of discussion. In fact it secured the highest overall buzz out of any film screening at SXSW. As a fans’ film, powered by Kickstarter it also scored an impressive Intent To View of 15%.

– Audiences look like they still want to check into The Grand Budapest Hotel. Already released, the film is scoring lower volumes of buzz than other films in our top ten. However with an Intent to View Score of 42%, the highest of any film in the top ten, it shows that the people who hear about the film want to see it, and the extra buzz as a result of its SXSW showing should help push the film to even greater heights.

– The Zac Efron Seth Rogan comedy Neighbors scored the second highest Intent to View score with 30% out of 1,131 mentions; this film has the potential to be the break out comedy hit of the summer.

– The film Frank hasn’t generated a huge volume of buzz as result of its screening at SXSW, with only 538 mentions. However with a 23% Intent to View score, it means that those who did see it enjoyed it, and this is a great platform for the film to build on moving forward.

They’ve placed all of this data into a handy infographic:

Way to Blue

About Way To Blue and ‘Intent to Purchase’ forecasting

The Way To Blue Intent algorithm is based on a combination of social conversation search queries combined with proprietary methodology developed over numerous studies into the film and entertainment Industry. Way To Blue is a global integrated communications agency, delivering insight led strategy and creativity for clients across the film, entertainment and retail industries. For more, visit

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