The Morning Read: Media Violence, 5-Minute Oscars and How to Do Everything

By  · Published on September 25th, 2013

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“Let’s Get Real About the Cultural Impact of Violence in Media” – Rob Payne adds up the numbers about everyone’s favorite scapegoat in this damning piece for Pajiba.

“How I Gave Up on the Film Industry and Did What I Loved” – Filmmaker Jacob Kornbluth (Inequality for All) explains how losing faith in a career he fought hard for resulted in what may be his biggest success yet.

“We Are What We Are Director Jim Mickle on How to Make a Successful Cannibal Movie” – Speaking of successes, John Gholson interviews the indie horror maestro about eating people over at

“How we made The Wicker Man” – Opting for a detailed history of getting a film together instead of building instructions for your own Wicker Man, director Robin Hardy gets specific about burning down horror expectations.

“How to win an Oscar in five minutes and 40 seconds” – The Dissolve’s Performance Review feature sees Mike D’Angelo chronicling the great, award-nominated roles of 1976, complete with a hand wave to Beatrice Straight’s amazing Network monologue.

“RoboCop Joins Long Line of Films Needlessly Converted to IMAX” – Moonlighting at, our very own Kate Erbland goes apey on the dilution of an experience and the ills of post-created gigantism.

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