The Mist Second Theatrical Trailer

Thanks to a slue of atrocious Oscar wannabe’s this year, I have been relegated to looking forward to films that would normally be well off my radar (read: anything meant to frighten, scare or terrify audiences). It has gone so far as to have me considering seeing Saw IV, if nothing else but to cleanse my palate of over-wrought dialogue and predictable climaxes. One film in particular that has begun to sneak up on my Fall Want List is The Mist, starring Thomas Jane, Andre Brougher and Marcia Gay Harden. It was adapted from a Stephen King novel by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) who is also directing. And from what I’m told, that Darabont can make one hell of a movie.

The even better news is that each trailer looks better and better, despite the fact that they are giving away what is in the mist. I guess we’ll see if there is a bigger reveal in the film when it hits theaters on November 21. Until then, take a look at the second theatrical trailer below.

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The Mist Theatrical Poster, Courtesy of

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