The Losers: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t

Before Iron Man repulsor rays his way onto the big screen on May 7th, likely obliterating every other movie in release, this Vertigo Comics property slipped in earlier, tossed a few punches, and is looking to make some of that sweet, sweet comic gold. While summer generally doesn’t kick-off until May, The Losers didn’t get that memo and packed the boat full of guns, explosions, and slow-motion booty shots to give us an action filled intro to the warmer months.

While no movie is perfect (if one was, it would ruin the whole 10/5 vibe), The Losers definitely fell into the win column for me. I easily gathered up 10 things I liked, but had enough left-overs for a few bits of “didn’t.”

10 Things I Liked

10. Zoe Saldana is hot

It’s obvious, but worth stating. This is a kick-ass chick not afraid to wrestle and roll through the fame in slow motion while wearing underwear. Horny respect, yo.

9. Comic Credits

A lot of people aren’t familiar with the graphic novel this flick is based on, so it’s a nice touch that the credits include lots of comic imagery. It just looks cool.

8. Firearms Variety

As somewhat of a gun connoisseur, I appreciate the wide variety of guns in the films. There are big pistols (Desert Eagle .50), small pistols (Smith and Wesson Model 629), big rifles (Knights Armament SR-25), small rifles (HK Mp7) and even an AT4 rocket launcher.

7. The Possibility of a Sequel

This is the norm for comic book movies, but the way things ended was completely cool with me and I’d love to see more.

6. Advertising isn’t Pushing the Comic Aspect

I’ve only see one television ad that really pushed this as a comic book movie. I think with a lesser known property, this is the way to go and feels a little less like you’re trying to capitalize on the comics are cool craze.

5. Character Camaraderie

I thought the cast did a great job working together. I really got the feeling that they were a group of long-term friends.

4. Chris Evans

Not only is his character Jensen hilarious, one scene shows off his newly muscled physique, proving that Captain America is well within his reach.

3. I’m the Black MacGuyver

Bla-guyver! That’s just a funny line.

2. Comedy

I definitely dug all the comedy in the film. Columbus Short was great as Pooch and the interaction between everyone was spot on.

1. Jason Patric

I thought he was absolutely brilliant as the villain Max. His megalomania was perfect, his disinterest in humanity, his complete lack of conscience. Totally dug it.

5 Things I Didn’t Like

5. Could use one more gun battle

I’m happy with the action of the film. There are two really great gun scenes and stuff sprinkled between them. But I could always use just one more.

4. More blood

This is a PG-13 flick, so there are limits. I guess if I really want an R-Rated flick like this I can wait for The Expendables.

3. Shakey Editing

The first gun battle has some slightly annoying editing tendencies, though that disappears later in the film so it’s not a big deal.

2. Snukes

The secret weapon of mass destruction is just down right silly, like something out of a comic book. Wait. Anyways, it’s not that big of a deal because once they explain it, they don’t really go back to it.

1. Momma didn’t raise no fool

You’ve probably heard that quote in the trailer – but it’s not in the film. Going to have to get it on Blu-ray for the alternate takes!

There it is. To me, The Losers is a great summer movie with the perfect mix of laughs and action. I would definitely be down with a sequel with this same cast. Their on-screen relationship was spot on, they seemed like friends, and each character was cool individually, but as a group, the Losers are even cooler. I say check it out.

Grade: B+

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