The ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy Heads Back to Theaters On Giant Eagles

AMC Theaters have been doing a lot of promotional re-releases of films lately. They brought Back to the Future back to the theaters for its 25th anniversary, and then did the same for Top Gun a little bit later. They even screened 48-hour marathons of every Best Picture Nominee leading up to The Oscars. With all of the focus on huge blockbusters and opening weekend grosses that plagues the film industry these days, giving people the chance to see old favorites back up on the big screen is a pretty cool move from a corporation as huge as AMC.

Their latest bit of promotion is for the Blu-Ray release of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. On three subsequent Tuesdays leading up to the release of the discs, AMC will screen one of the films, in their full extended versions, at select theaters. The Fellowship of the Ring will play on June 14th, The Two Towers on June 21st, and Return of the King on June 28th.

This is the first time that the extended editions of the movies will be played in theaters, and I’m thinking I might go check them out. I liked all of the Lord of the Rings films well enough when I originally saw them, but it wasn’t until I watched the extended editions on DVD that I really fell in love with the films. Despite the fact that they added even more material to already lengthy films, I found that the new material somehow improved their pacing and made them fly by quicker. And they did quite a nice job of deepening a lot of the characters, making certain key moments hit harder than they did in the original theatrical cuts. Even Return of the Kings’s endless fake out endings didn’t seem so bad to me when I watched that film’s extended version. The chance to take in the versions of these films that I really love in all of their big screen, booming sound glory may be too good to pass up. More information and further announcements about this promotion are said to be forthcoming. Anybody else thinking of going?


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