‘The Loneliest Planet’ Trailer Is Packed With Paranoia and Pretty Pictures

The advertising for The Loneliest Planet seems to be selling it on the fact that, while you’re watching it, you’ll have no idea what’s going to happen next. If this is the strategy, then so far they’ve succeeded, because even after watching the trailer, it’s still not all that clear what this movie is about. Two young lovers (Gael García Bernal and Hani Furstenberg) are on a backpacking journey together. At first everything seems to be going great ‐ there are images of people kissing in the soft glow of natural light, parading around in their panties, and frolicking together in the glorious majesty of nature; nice stuff ‐ but then things take a turn for the worse.

Suddenly there’s creepy whispering in the dark, people frolicking around in their panties, and a horrible, repetitious hacking noise playing in the background. What’s the source of the change in tone? That’s where the trailer plays coy. The promise it provides is that even a small incident, something that takes just a second or two to happen, could completely change our lives and alienate us from the people we love. Which, the suggestion seems to be, would inevitably lead to our lives being full of dread, horror movie imagery, and creepy things happening in the dark (but still plenty of girls in panties).

What are the secrets The Loneliest Planet holds? Why not give the trailer a watch and see if you can decode them? If the mystery is enough to get you into the theater, you’ll have your chance come October 26th. [Apple]

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