‘The Lion King’ Will Reign in Theaters Once Again

Once upon a time, about twenty years ago or so, Disney didn’t have to rely on Pixar to keep their legacy as King of children’s entertainment going. A new generation of hand drawn Disney classics like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast were breaking box office records, earning critical acclaim, and winning awards. Then came The Lion King in 1994, a film that to this day holds the record as being the highest grossing hand drawn animated feature of all time. The Lion King was perhaps the crowning achievement of Disney’s second golden age, and in order to remind you of their past accomplishments, Disney is going to celebrate by selling it to you all over again.

Come October 4th, you will be able to buy a super special version of the film for home release on either Blu-ray, DVD, or, wait for it… Blu-ray 3D. That’s right, Disney has gone to the trouble to convert one of its classics into gorgeous and trendy three-dimensional image. But perhaps you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “I don’t have 3D equipment in my house! How am I going to get Timon and Pumbaa all up in my grill?” Worry not, though James Cameron is probably very disappointed in you for not yet welcoming the joys of 3D into your home, Disney has got your back. Starting on September 16th, and for two weeks only, The Lion King will be heading back out to theaters so that we can all have the communal experience of reliving the Disney magic on the big screen, now with added dimension. I bet that stampede scene is going to be super thrilling in 3D!