‘The Last Stand’ Gets a New Trailer Filled with Big Stunts, Small Laughs and Midsized Concerns

The Last Stand

When The Last Stand hits theaters in a few months it will finally put an answer to two congruent question marks. One, can Arnold Schwarzenegger still carry an action film? And B, can Kim Ji-woon manage the same level of quality with his American debut that he’s enjoyed with his Korean films?

The first teaser for the film gave us little to judge (aside from too much of co-star Johnny Knoxville), but now a true trailer has debuted. It fleshes out the supporting cast to include Forest Whitaker, Peter Stormare, Luis Guzman and Jaimie Alexander (who was kind enough to bring along the tiny town from Thor), but the story remains similarly simplistic. A high-profile prisoner escapes federal custody and makes for the Mexican border in a souped-up sports car and protected by a small army of thugs. The only thing standing between him and freedom? A small-town sheriff, his ill-equipped deputies and the guy who pretended to be mentally handicapped from The Ringer.

Check out the full trailer below.

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Looks like fun, but damn if I’m not still worried.

The action looks pretty strong, but I’d be lying if I said the tone wasn’t still a concern for me. Kim has a proven track record weaving comedy into his films regardless of genre, but this one still feels off some how. Knoxville and his character are part of the problem obviously, but the humor overall makes the action feel less dramatic and effective. The nonsensical plot point involving the sports car doesn’t help either.

But if re-watching Kim’s The Good the Bad the Weird recently proves anything it’s that the man knows how to make a kick-ass and comical action movie. So we really shouldn’t be worried at all. Right?

The Last Stand rides into theaters on January 18th, 2013.

Source: boxofficeBUZ.com

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