‘The Last of Robin Hood’ Trailer: Well, Errol Flynn Was a Creep

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With the recent premiere of Maleficient, we’ve all spent a good deal of time talking about Elle Fanning and her career turn as a real life Disney princess. But the focus is about to shift again to the older sister, with Dakota Fanning stepping into the shoes of a young and impressionable 1940s starlet in The Last of Robin Hood. After all, who would know more about struggling through Hollywood and rising to fame as a teenager than someone who has done it herself?

The silver screen gal she’s portraying, Beverly Aadland, was in a bit of a different situation than Fanning, however. Aadland was a chorus girl just at the beginnings of her blossoming film career, with only a twinkle of Hollywood in her future and an overbearing stage mom (Susan Sarandon) at her side. It’s the beauty and talents of the – very, very – young beauty that catches the eye of Robin Hood himself, Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline), and the two begin a dangerous affair that crosses a few too many boundaries.

At the time, Flynn was the toast of the town, a mega movie star who was virtually untouchable; charming, undeniably handsome and a beloved figure on the silver screen with roles in The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk. He was a dashing action hero that everyone wanted to work with, everyone wanted to be and everyone wanted to be with at the same time.

And as the trailer for the film from co-writers and directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland chronicles, that all started to change when Flynn let his personal life eclipse his career in the 1940s, and his – let’s be real: super creepy – feelings for Aadland take over. For background, Flynn was put on trial for statutory rape and acquitted, but his reputation was never the same again.

The film is supposed to be about the fall of one of Hollywood’s icons, but it’s apparent from the disjointed trailer that they’re a little hazy on what really happened. No time is wasted in amping up the glitz and glamour of the era and pegging Aadland as his muse while also, somewhat confusingly, darting back and forth to remind us that their relationship extended beyond mentor and mentee and into something forbidden.

Is it Aadland and her pushy mother’s fault for trying to make her a star, or is Flynn wrapped up in his admiration for the young girl, taking advantage of her desires while also ruining himself? It’s Flynn. The answer is Flynn.

Check out the trailer below.

The Last of Robin Hood is in theaters August 29th.

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