‘The Last Days on Mars’ Trailer: Talented People Doing Body Horror in Space


It’s not often that a director will amass a fanbase before he’s ever even helmed a feature, but that’s exactly what Ruairi Robinson managed to do, thanks to the buzz that surrounded his short films like The Silent City and BlinkyTM. Movie pundits have been predicting for years now that Robinson is a future name in the world of genre films, and now he’s getting his chance to prove them right, because his first feature, The Last Days on Mars, is ready to be released in the UK on September 19, and has put together a trailer to promote the occasion.

In addition to watching it because of the buzz surrounding Robinson, you’re also going to want to give this trailer a chance if you enjoy biology-based horror movies, or thrillers in space, or when the two come together in something like Alien. And you’re going to want to check it out to appreciate the cast that Robinson has put together, who aren’t close to being A-listers, but who are really underrated talents down to the last performer. Robinson is probably really good at making mix-tapes. I’m jealous of all his teenage crushes. Click through for some Liev Schreiber goodness.

In addition to the legendary Ross Rhea looking badass as ever in the lead role, Robinson has also populated his cast with a character actor legend in Elias Koteas, a Golden Globe nominated beauty in Romola Garai, one of the most impressive and successful English actors of the last fifteen years in Olivia Williams, one of the up-and-comers who impressed us with Weekend in Tom Cullen, and a handful of equally underrated others. This is a much more talented cast than you usually get in horror movies like this, so even though the trailer doesn’t give away much, it all still looks really promising.

Here in the US The Last Days on Mars is scheduled to hit VOD on October 31, and then roll out to select theaters on December 6. So if it really seems like it’s in your wheelhouse, you can watch it while you hand out candy to trick or treaters. Won’t that be nice?

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