The Killer Elite Adds De Niro, Continues to Win Hearts and Minds

You can have The Expendables, a collection of notable badasses spewing fire-power from celluloid. But if that doesn’t work out – and it might not, who knows – there will be other opportunities to see notably bad (in the good way) dudes take to killing each other and everyone else. Enter The Killer Elite, a project to which Jason Statham and Clive Owen are already attached to play assassins.

According to Variety, they will be joined by Robert De Niro. The film “follows a group of black-ops agents for hire, who must hunt down and destroy a rogue cell of assassins.” De Niro will play Statham’s black-ops mentor, whom Statham must rescue when he’s kidnapped by Owen’s team.

See, being part of an assassin cell is really nothing more than a team game. And when your leaders are Clive Owen and Jason Statham, you’ve got an interesting little match-up. I don’t even to want to begin speculation on what sort of actors may be joining such teams. Too much excitement on a Monday afternoon gives me indigestion.

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