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The Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Welcome To The Space Jam

By  · Published on May 13th, 2016

It’s NBA Playoff time, so let’s celebrate with a movie about Bugs Bunny playing basketball.

Cargill and I invite you to get up, because it is in fact time to slam now. This week, Junkfood Cinema is where the real jam is going down. Space Jam that is!

Yes, we’re discussing the greatest Looney Tunes/NBA mashup movie to ever be inspired by two separate commercials (true story). Space Jam is a giant sopping nostalgia burger with extra cheese, but we love it more than Bugs Bunny loves crossdressing!

We discuss the hilarious flaws, the stellar soundtrack, and how Space Jam might just exist in the same universe as…The Seven Samurai?

Bring on the full court press, haters, our unshakable nostalgia for Space Jam will hit you high and low! Listen, download, and share, you beautiful Nerdlucks!

(Quick note: We’re now embedding the Soundcloud version of the show, but you can still download every episode via iTunes or your favorite podcatching service!)

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