‘The Human Experiment’ Trailer: Are You Getting Enough Chemicals in Your Diet?


What’s the reason humanity has become so plagued with diseases and mental disorders that historically have not existed over the course of the last fifty years or so? A new documentary from producer Sean Penn and directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy called The Human Experiment theorizes that it’s all of the chemicals that have been introduced into our food and our environment by greedy corporations and ever expanding industry.

Okay, so this documentary doesn’t so much theorize this as it fervently believes it and aggressively calls its viewer to take action against the corporations who are operating with little or no regulations and certainly without any sense of morality or restraint. This is probably the movie most concerned with chemicals since The Bourne Legacy. Take a look at the trailer, provided by THR, and decide if this is an issue you can get behind.

The Human Experiment will debut to audiences at the Mill Valley Film Festival this October and then make its rounds to more festival showings throughout the fall.

Seeing as Penn is said to be narrating as well as producing the film, you’ve got to think that it’s a project that’s going to get at least some kind of distribution deal at some point, so likely we’ll all get a chance to sit down and watch the whole thing eventually. And then we’ll have a better idea of what we have to do to avoid pesky stuff like diethyl phthalate.

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