The Hulk Obsession: 6 Incredible Collections

The Incredible Hulk is smashing his way into theaters this weekend, and I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the huge fandom that has built around Hulk collecting over the years. Most collectors have a variety of toys, statues, and characters, spotlighting various aspects of their fandoms. For some, though, it’s all about one favorite character, and they take their devotion to the extreme by assembling awesome collections around that single character. Here’s a look at some of the coolest and most extensive Hulk collections.

Hulk Gets Educated
At Wilcox Primary School in Twinsburg, Ohio, Mr. Tait’s art room likely is the most Hulked out classroom in the world. Sporting loads of collectibles, the room has a variety of comic book characters on display, but the Hulk really is the teacher’s pet. Here you’ll find Hulk action figures, busts, statues, a plushie Hulk dangling from the ceiling, and even a life-size She-Hulk guarding one corner.

Even the entrance to the classroom is decorated with Hulk stickers and danglers. This is one awesomely geeked out room, and I’d have loved to have had this guy’s class when I was little. You can take a virtual tour of the classroom with lots of photos on the Wilcox Primary website, here: Link

Gamma Rays Made Him Do It
Steven Moreau from Lake Charles, LA, goes by GammaPro in many online collecting communities, and he has a good excuse for being into the Hulk collecting hobby: He’s the head of radiation safety for a company and works with real gamma radiation every day. He’s built an amazing and comprehensive Hulk collection that fills a room in his house. His collection has everything from action figures to comics to even life-size busts of the green goliath. You can check out this forum thread for more photos of his collection: Link

MACATTACK’s Statue Collection
A collector with the screenname MACATTACK collects Hulk statues and has a really good breadth of pieces from all the big name manufacturers, as well as a few smaller company items. He keeps everything organized and displayed without the clutter you usually see in Hulk collections. Many Hulk collectors include the Grey Hulk and other variations of the character in their displays, but MACATTACK is all about the classic Green Hulk.

Ikea Loves the Hulk
Another big Hulk statue aficionado goes by the name JadeGiant, and he doesn’t limit his collection to just the green variety. JadeGiant’s Hulk collection sports all different looks for the character, from the green skinned and purple shorted version to the blue suited and grey skinned Mr. Fixit. There are even a couple of non-Hulked Bruce Banner pieces to be found here, as well as a bronze statue. JadeGiant shows off his Hulks in these Detolf display cases from Ikea. I use them as well for my own collection and highly recommend them.

Shelves Full O’ Toys
An online collector who goes by HULKSMASH666 on the StatueForum website has quite an impressive assortment of Hulk action figures. There are all sorts of officially released toys, as well as some that he customized himself. You can see more shots of his collection in his PhotoBucket: Link

Terry Rhymers’ $30,000 Collection
Somewhere in the Twin Cities lives a man named Terry Rhymers, and he has a Hulk addiction. A local newspaper, as well as a local TV affiliate, featured Rhymers and his Hulk collection just prior to the release of Ang Lee’s Hulk film, and their article and TV news feature definitely are worth checking out. Calling his collection “big” would be an understatement, as he appraises that he owns (at the time the news stories ran) over $30,000 in Hulk goodies.

Rhymers collects everything Hulk, from toys to statues to a pinball machine and beyond. He says his most significant piece is probably a sticker puzzle from the 60’s that came from a vending machine. You can see the article at his own website, and you’ll also be able to check out a video of the news story. The video has some cool shots of his collection and is capped at the end by a snarky comment from a newscaster who missed the memo that geekery is “in.”

Visit Terry Rhymers’ site here: Link

Many thanks to these guys for sharing their awesome collections with the internet. A few of them have agreed to do in-depth spotlights of their collections with me in the future, so keep an eye on my collecting blog at for those, and be sure to check back here next Wednesday for my next Collector’s Corner feature.

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