‘The Home’ Finds Its Way to Two ‘Inside’ Players


Back in early August of last year we reported on a little horror project called The Home and the fact that it would be getting some practical effects love from Peter Jackson’s team at WETA. What was most special about the project however, is that it involved two friends of the site and even more importantly, two great guys in director Kristoffer Aaron Morgan and co-writer/Exec. Producer Eric Vespe (who you may also know as Quint from Ain’t It Cool News). The film is described as “a visceral horror thriller that follows a young man who survives a horrible accident that leaves him badly scarred both physically and emotionally. To recuperate, he is taken to a secluded nursing home where the elderly residents appear to be suffering from delusions. But after witnessing a violent attack, he soon realizes that the screams behind the walls are caused by more than hallucinations, and the residents are being preyed upon by twisted, monstrous nightmares that lurk within the home itself.”

This evening I got a note from Mr. Vespe with a little update on the production, which sounds as if it is ramping up quite well. The project has found its way into the arms of producers Franck Ribiere and Verane Frediani and their Overlook Entertainment label. These are the same folks who produced the French gore-fest Inside, which our own blood-guru Robert Fure ranked among his Ten Best Horror Films of 2008. So needless to say, these guys have a knack for violence, mayhem and terror. As Eric reported in his email, Franck and Verane have been terrific to work with thus far and have been very supportive of their vision for the film.

As well, he also mentioned that Elijah Wood is also going to be producing. “He’s not appearing in the movie,” Vespe explained. “But has been very enthusiastic and has taken the reins on producing alongside Franck, Verane and New Zealand producer Annette Wullems (King Kong).”

The project is currently casting in both the UK and New Zealand with intentions of a late-Spring shoot. And we are promised some solid casting news in the near future. Also, the guys over at Bloody Disgusting have a new piece of concept art, part of which can be seen above. Just give that image at the top a click to see the entire piece of art, as drawn by Nick Keller. And stay tuned as we will be sniffing around this production in the near future and reporting back once we know more.

Did you see Inside? If so, what did you think?

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