‘The Guilt Trip’ Trailer Packs Every Stand-up’s Jewish Mother Bit Into Two-and-a-Half Minutes

The Guilt Trip Trailer

They’ve been a staple of comedy for as long as people having been waxing comedically about their problems: overbearing Jewish mothers. They poke, they prod, they have a uniform misunderstanding of everything that’s happening in the modern world, and they’re generally able to get under your skin like no one else you’ve ever met. But still…they’re mom.

Sounds like a guy being annoyed by and then eventually growing closer to his overbearing mother could make for a good movie, huh? Well, that’s what the writer and director of The Guilt Trip, Dan Fogelman and Anne Fletcher, are hoping, because they’ve made a movie whose entire narrative seems to consist of a cross-country trip taken by a mother and son team played by Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen.

So, how does it look? Not terrible. Certainly this is well-worn territory to anyone who’s seen more than a few minutes of stand-up comedy or watched more than a couple failed sitcom pilots, but the dialogue in this trailer appears to be amusing enough, and Streisand and Rogen both seem to be spot-on in their interpretations of the archetypical characters they’re playing. For Streisand fans especially, who haven’t been able to see her star in a movie that doesn’t have the word Fockers in the title for quite a while, this one should be a real treat.

The film is set to come out on Christmas Day, so maybe this is something you can take your own mother to over the holidays. It just might give you a couple hour break where you don’t have to listen to her nagging. [Yahoo! Movies]

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