‘The Grey’ Director Joe Carnahan’s Dream Project, ‘Continue,’ Gets the Green Light

Joe Carnahan’s Liam Neeson vs. wolves thriller The Grey isn’t just one of the most well-regarded releases of this year so far, it’s also a grizzled, badass guy’s film the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. So you would think Hollywood should be lining up to help Carnahan slip into his next tough guy-themed project as soon as possible. And thankfully, they are.

Twitch has word that Carnahan has been given the go-ahead by 20th Century Fox to start work on a passion project he’s been trying to develop for a while called Continue. It’s an action-centric take on the story trope of a protagonist having to re-live the same events over and over again; kind of like a Groundhog Day with guns, or that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the same attack keeps happening, but not in space. Carnahan’s story is about a former soldier who has to keep reliving the day where assassins came to kill him for unknown reasons. Days like that are the worst.

Seeing as Carnahan’s career has been a constantly escalating cavalcade of ridiculous action, this sounds like just the sort of material that he could knock right out of the park. Clearly something has to be done about that title before this thing hits theaters though. Continue? Really? Everyone is going to confuse it with that movie where the imaginary killer abducts Amanda Seyfried’s sister. He needs to come up with something that would look good stuck on a VHS cover sitting in a mom & pop video store in 1987. How about Re-Assassinator?

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