‘The Grandmaster’ Trailer: Getting Kicked in the Head Never Looked So Good

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster is by no means the first film to chronicle the life of Ip Man, the legendary martial artist who famously trained Bruce Lee. Since 2008, his story has already been the subject of four films and a TV series. But the Ip Man train keeps on rolling, and with the in-development Ip Man 3 having potentially lost its director and lead actor, The Grandmaster now has the distinction of being the only Ip Man film releasing anytime soon.

But unlike the swarms of Ip Man films that came before it, The Grandmaster has Wong Kar-Wai at the director’s helm. The Chinese filmmaker takes the martial arts film to new heights, with liberal amounts of slow-motion and photography that stretches the limits of the word ‘gorgeous.’ This trailer has more than a few shots that stay burned into your brain long after you’ve watched them. And the inclusion of both Zhang Ziyi and Yuen Woo Ping of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (its star and choreographer, respectively) is also good news. The narration is way too cheesy, but when the rest of the trailer is this good it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

The Grandmaster opens August 23, 2013 and stars Ziyi and Tony Leung.

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