The Final Batman v Superman Trailer Delivers The Action

Batman v Superman: IMAX poster

Alright, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (if that is your real name), I’m ready to do this.

For months there has been a slow rumbling deep inside my nerd brain: what if Batman v Superman isn’t good? It’s such a prevalent thought that I’ve almost come to terms with it. Man of Steel got a little messy and a lot of what we’ve been hearing from Team DC hasn’t been encouraging. They want to make it super serious. The movie has a baker’s dozen villains. The rumor mill has not been kind to this film.

Here’s all I really want from a movie that pits Batman against Superman (before inevitably teaming them up in the third act to start Justice Leaguing): I want a knock-down, drag out ass-kicking. And for the first time, thanks to this final trailer, I believe we’re going to get some of that:

A lot of it is a little too dark in a literal sense. There’s plenty of hope that in a properly tuned movie theater, the lack of lighting in these action scenes will be a moot point. It’s not doing the trailer any favors. When viewed in my well-lit office in the middle of the day, it’s hard to make out what the hell is happening. I can say that I like the trailer’s energy. And the opening sequence of banter between Alfred (Jeremy Irons) and Batman (Ben Affleck) sets a far more jovial tone than we’ve been promised. It is immediately followed by some hyper-serious pontificating from Mr. Wayne about the odds that Superman is actually evil. If there’s a 1% chance he’s evil, he must be destroyed. Imagine a world in which we held this philosophy. It would be very lonely.

The trailer does a lot of other nice things. It gives Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) a single line of dialogue and lets her fly through the air, which looks pretty sweet.


Batman shoots something at Superman, but the Man of Steel catches it (I’d bet it’s an explosive round of some kind). This won’t go over well with the “Batman doesn’t use a gun” crowd, but it’s a slick little display of Superman’s power.


The two titans of comic book lore get into a shoving match. Adorable.


And finally, the big moment in which Superman realizes that Batman’s billionaire playboy philanthropist super suit might actually pose a threat.


The trailer is selling what the film’s title has promised: a big fight between Superman and Batman. As we know based on all the reporting that’s been done up to this point, there’s so much more to this movie than that (including the aforementioned Dawn of Justice). Whether or not the sum is as good as these parts remains to be seen. Recent rumors from test screenings suggest that the film is messy, but that Ben Affleck is a very good Batman.

With this final trailer, we’ve got some hope for some big action. At this point, that’s good enough. We’ll know more when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

GIFs via io9. Seriously, check out their full GIF recap, it’s excellent.


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